#Startups: experiment, measure, change

As I continue to treat Atlanta Tech Blogs like a startup (trust me, it’s just a project), we’ve been doing lots of experiments to see what will get traction.  Then we measured.  Today, we changed.  Here’s what we changed.


  • Facebook: toast. The Facebook page had some followers, but most, if not all, of those were my Facebook friends politely hitting “like” on the atltechblogs page just because I asked them to. But it wasn’t generating any views, visits, or page traffic.  So this Facebook page is scheduled for deletion.
  • Google+: worse than Facebook. Need I say more?  It’s deleted. I like that Google is, and has always been, so good about letting you get out of stuff you don’t like using. Facebook takes 14 days to delete a page.
  • Email: 2 weeks ago, we made an adjustment from a weekly email to a daily email.  This email is sent at 6am Eastern time every morning, and contains links to all the posts we made the previous day. Simple. Since we made that change, our email subscribers doubled. Yes, we’re talking about really small numbers here, do don’t get all excited, but it was a very noticeable increase directly related to the change.
  • Google Site Search: not one person ever used it, and it was chomping all over the site load speed time. Removed.
  • Page Load Time: This is crucial, and I had no idea how to move this needle. I found an expert at ATDC, and in a little over 30 minutes via Skype, pages on Atlanta Tech Blogs are loading faster than Google.


Those are a few of the experiments we’re doing. Many more are underway.  What a great way to see what you know, what you don’t know, and learn a ton of new stuff.  The only way to build any muscle is to work it.

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