Strongbox West

Week before last, Amy Hoover followed me on Twitter. I had seen, heard, and read about what she’s done with Strongbox West and, so I immediately DM’d her to see if we could meet in person so I could get the nickel tour of SBW. As Jason Dominy says, going 2D23D is good in this world of digital relationships.

When I arrived at SBW this week, they had just installed the final piece of the signage inside the main door. Way cool! Though I did comment that the “G” should have been a UGA “G”. A hot cup of coffee and Amy and I – and her dog Coleman – got down to business talking about how SBW came into existence and why they moved over to their new location off Marietta Blvd on the West Side.

As with many startups, SBW was created from a crazy idea to solve a problem. Amy’s primary company,, had just gone virtual with all its employees, so they had 7k square feet of empty space. Why not open it up and let anyone who needs a work space rent by the month? That was back in 2009, before “co-working” became chic and popular. Pretty soon they had a waiting list, and last year they decided to get more space.

A LOT more space. The new Strongbox West has nearly 50k square feet of very cool, open space, surrounded by lots of funky art work. As you’d expect, there’s lots of coffee and WiFi and entrepreneurs hacking away at their next opportunity.  They just moved into the new space in January, so they are undergoing some remodeling (aka demolition of Mad Men era look) and getting ready to expand with event space and more private offices.

If you’re work locale is near the ever growing and changing Westside of Atlanta, I’d highly recommend checking out Strongbox West. Great space run by great people, open 24/7, free parking, and dog friendly, according to Coleman.

What do you think about that?

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