Where do you live?


Where do you live? That’s an easy question for most of us to answer. “I live in Roswell.” But it’s not a question that we’re comfortable asking when it comes to someone who is homeless. Of course, we grown ups usually have a social filter that falls into place … Keep reading >>>

Each day begins in the kitchen

One of the most common topics that comes up anytime the subject of homelessness is discussed is meals. We assume that if someone is homeless, they are hungry. We assume they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Meals are the most visible part of what Atlanta … Keep reading >>>

MY bridge!!

“It was MY bridge. My rules. My people. If you wanted to come under that my bridge, you had to come through me.”

Like a Boss in a Mafia movie, Joe describes the power he held. “I had a baseball bat. That was all I needed. I could take them … Keep reading >>>

Who should we help?

Atlanta Tech Blogs was never intended to be a business.

It was a side project, a way to stay in the game, a tool, a digital publication that might be helpful to a few people, including me. But then it got me a couple of paying clients. Then a few … Keep reading >>>


On the anniversary of my own high school graduation, I attended another graduation tonight. It was very much like any other graduation ceremony I had ever been to. But there was a big difference.

Generally, this ceremony was very similar to all the other graduations that have occurred in the … Keep reading >>>