The All Clear

I had three other posts lined up and ready, but sometimes the day takes shape in a different way. Today is one of those days. The day started off rocky, since my wife and I were up until 2AM doing paperwork for schools, summer camps, and RE-FIs. Then there were … Keep reading >>>


I don’t think anyone would argue with the phrase “cancer sucks.” It does. No question about it. However, in my case, so far, the cure is far worse than the disease.  Two years ago, when the doctor made the diagnosis, I had only one symptom, which I’ve described elsewhere (TMI), … Keep reading >>>

Bladder Cancer

Friends, this is a public service announcement based on close personal experience.  Bladder cancer has few, if any, symptoms.  My symptom was very clear, and I almost ignored it completely. Don’t do the same thing, please.  If you’re not squeamish, keep reading. If you are, skip to the end.

In … Keep reading >>>