When the Internet is gone

It’s a strange thing when you find yourself physically located in a place in which there simply is no internet. That’s exactly where I found myself this past weekend. My son’s Boy Scout troop traveled to Fargo, GA, to camp for two nights and canoe in the Okefenokee Swamp for … Keep reading >>>

How I get stuff done

I was asked today how I handle different clients who have different calendars, different social channels, different blog content, etc. My simple answer is that I compartmentalize. I set times for each type of task in the same manner in which I create a list of tasks that must be … Keep reading >>>

Learning New Old Stuff

On this dreary Saturday, my son – a Boy Scout – was offered the opportunity to earn a merit badge in one day. That’s nothing to sneeze at when you’re trying to knock things out on your way to Eagle Scout, so we took the offer. So, today, I accompany … Keep reading >>>

The List

Every day, I start off my work day by making a list of tasks that I must either complete or make progress on during that day. It’s my to-do list, my task list, my list of goals for the day…everything I must get done that day. Sometimes I get them … Keep reading >>>

Standing Still

As we reached the summit of Blood Mountain today, we all dropped our backpacks, shed a layer or two, and relaxed for a short time while we waited for the Scouts to boil the water for the traditional top-of-the-mountain hot chocolate. We engaged in lots of small talk and discussed … Keep reading >>>

Advice from An Old Farmer

I am not sure of the origin of these words, and I cannot take credit for any of them, but they are pure genius. This Christmas, live a little more simply. We get caught up in our tech, devices, Wi-Fi, startups, and everything else that detracts from actual living. Enjoy, … Keep reading >>>