Mark Cuban to Twitter: "Verify!"

Social Media: Your Time is Gonna Come (to Verify)

Mark Cuban proposed (ok, demanded) on Twitter that both Twitter and Facebook should verify every single user of their social platforms. I agree wholeheartedly with Cuban for one single clarifying reason, but how do we get there? What will have to happen when they pull the trigger on 100% verification? … Keep reading >>>

Optimizing Ads on Facebook

Recently, I’ve been engaging in advertising on Facebook, both for clients and for DGM Camp. In each of our campaigns, we did a handful of simple tasks that really helped each campaign get better results over the life of the campaign. It’s not complicated, and anyone can do these … Keep reading >>>

Anatomy of a simple social media ad marketing test

In January, I ran a social media advertising test for a client.  The goals of the test were as follows:

  • Determine which social media channels were best to target the brand’s demographic
  • Drive site visits to a specific page
  • Drive awareness of the brand in the local Atlanta market among
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