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SEO drives traffic: Four Years of Blog Traffic Metrics

I’ve been blogging since 2005, but this blog at has been in existence since 2015. The chart below shows you the annual growth and views and visitors over these past four years. These for years have taught me that, while social media seems to drive awareness and clicks, SEO … Keep reading >>>

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How fast is a Google SEO penalty?

Atlanta Tech Blogs, while a simple service to the community, is also a source of digital marketing, social media, and SEO experimentation. Kind of a sandbox of sorts. Last week, while I canoed and portaged 60+ miles in the boundary waters of northern Minnesota, we ran another experiment. We … Keep reading >>>


Day 1 on Chromebook

As I explained in this end-of-year post, I no longer require a full-function computer, so I made the decision to try out a Chromebook. Below is a list of new discoveries from day one using my new Samsung Chromebook 2. But first, a shout-out to Amazon who … Keep reading >>>