"Don't Talk To Strangers"

How often did we hear that phrase growing up? “And don’t talk to strangers!” Long before the internet, ubiquitous cell phones, and Wi-Fi in every home and business, “strangers” had faces and tried to talk to us in person, in public, outside our homes. If you were to … Keep reading >>>

Sharpen your axe

This past week was our spring break, and while it was no “break”, meaning it was as hectic as ever, there was time to get away.  Today, returning to the up-early-workout-drop-kids-at-school-fight-traffic grind, I’m reminded of this story, which you may have heard:

Once upon a time there were two men

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Just for fun…

Every year, we celebrate “Homecoming Day”, which marks the day that we returned from Kazakhstan to Atlanta with our two kids.  On that first homecoming day, we took them to Chuck E. Cheese, because they were tiny and loved it. One of the attractions there is a photo booth that … Keep reading >>>