How many people have been born, records broken, businesses started and ended, sports seasons completed, wars started and ended, nations formed…since 1978?

Thirty seven years is a heartbeat in the grand schemes of time, but it’s an eternity in many industries, careers, and lives.

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Following the Leader

There are a lot of posts, books, talks, speeches, classes, degrees, and other methods and modes of education completely dedicated to leadership. But what about being a follower? We don’t hear much about that, mainly because leadership is lauded, praised, desired, rewarded, and coveted. But when you have a leader,
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A Lethal Combination

I worked from home today, all day. I set up shop at our dining room table, where I could see out the big front window to watch the storms roll through. Little did I know what we’d be in for! Since today was the only day this week that I … Keep reading >>>