Pitch Practice 05-09-2014

Here’s the recap from last Friday’s rather raucous session of Pitch Practice. When you have an open meetup, you just never know who’s gonna show or what they’re gonna pitch, do you?

NOTE: Rumors of the demise of Pitch Practice are greatly exaggerated, mainly by meetup.com. Pitch Practice is
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Pitch Practice April 4, 2014

Thanks to all 18 entrepreneurs who attended Pitch Practice after StartupChowdown’s Buckhead Pizza feast!  Here’s who pitched.

  1. CaseSpace – a smarter doc mgmt solution, upvote good processes and eliminate bad processes.
  2. Frakeinstien – Changing education from consumption-based to creation based challenges. Starts k-12 kids on building a portfolio of what
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Pitch Practice 03-14-2014

Figures. The last day we use the small-ish conference room on the 4th floor at Atlanta Tech Village is the day we get the biggest crowd of the year at Pitch Practice.

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