Someone has already stolen your idea

It hasn’t happened in quite a while, but at the Pitch Practice meetup, it used to be a fairly regular occurrence: someone would attend, but say nothing until the final call of “ok, who else would like to practice their pitch?” They’d invariably speak up with something like the following:… Keep reading >>>

Defining the problem is very hard

Every week at Pitch Practice, we go through a simple exercise with every pitch. After the entrepreneur delivers his or her pitch, I ask the group the following questions, to see how well the message of the pitch was received:

  1. What is his/her name?
  2. What is the organization name?
  3. What
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Tell us a story

We can draw more than just one point of inspiration from Simon Sinek’s TED Talk and book, “Start with Why”. One of the easiest methods of drawing in your audience to an understanding of you, your business, or your startup is to explain why you are doing what you are … Keep reading >>>

Pitch Practice: a starting point

Over the last 3 years of Pitch Practice, we’ve heard the following phrase quite a bit: “I’m not really sure where to start.” It’s common, and it’s ok. One of the best tools to come out of these past 3 years that really helps new entrepreneurs is the construct that … Keep reading >>>