Startup Lesson 35: How to find THE idea

I really thought that I’d eventually stop hearing questions that sound something like, “where or how can I find that next great idea?” but alas, I hear it almost every day.  Here’s the thing: startups are not created on “an idea”, but rather “an idea to solve a problem.”  What’s … Keep reading >>>

Startup Lesson 34: Keep Experimenting

I was reminded of a story of a small business owner just recently. This man, a brilliant scientist, inherited a used car dealership when his father died.  This young man was brilliant, but he was no car salesman, nor did he ever set out to be. However, he wanted to … Keep reading >>>

Startup Lesson 33: Pick up the rocks

I love yard work. I love to plan the project, get all the stuff, and work until I drop or get it done, whichever comes first. Yard work gives immediate satisfaction and long term enjoyment, as well as that excellent feeling of working hard towards a visible goal and that … Keep reading >>>

Startup Lesson 32: 1-Page Executive Summary

execsummAs you move through the stages of your startup, you will undoubtedly be asked to send over your 1-page executive summary.  Usually, this request is in response to your reaching out and seeking investment financing.  The executive summary is the investor’s quick filter for making a decision about whether to … Keep reading >>>

Startup Lesson 31: Five ways startups can engage millennials

I attended a small conference this past weekend about organizational change and the challenges that come with transitioning a 25-year-old organization into its second generation of constituents. Two topics that dominated the discussion were culture and engaging millennials, meaning those people ages 20-35 or so.  I’ve addressed culture several times … Keep reading >>>

Startup Lesson 30: Consistency Wins

As I’ve been curating all of Atlanta’s Tech Startup Blogs, I’ve noticed something that separates the top of the pack from everyone else: consistency.  Every. Single. Day.  It’s funny that we talk all about startups as being a learning machine and experiment machine rather than a “business”, because no two … Keep reading >>>

Startup Lesson 28: 4 Reasons Startup Culture is Temporary

I’ve worked for about a dozen companies since I started working at age 12.  “Company culture” as something that can and should be intentionally created and maintained is not something that was part of my vocabulary until just recently.  My mindset has always been “get it done, and have fun … Keep reading >>>