Atlanta: lose some, win some

As Atlanta continues to gain momentum as a technology startup hub, there also continue to be growing pains. It’s still tough to see a startup with a great team and tons of promise fade into nothing or individual entrepreneurs check out of the startup world and head into corporate America, … Keep reading >>>

The People of

Retail Wars

I had a great discussion this morning with a very experienced entrepreneur about branding. Specifically, we discussed the 5 dimensions of a brand, which are:

  • Leadership
  • Vision
  • Communication
  • Experience
  • Culture

The main thrust of the discussion was the recent bad press about Amazon’s “toxic” work culture, which came immediately on … Keep reading >>>

Meet our first sponsor: Digital Crafts

I’ve written several times before that Atlanta Tech Blogs is something of a petri dish for conducting digital, content, and social marketing experiments. We’ve conducted the following tests so far in the first year of existence of Atlanta Tech Blogs:

  • Social channel optimization: where should we be?
  • Email newsletter timing,
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