Tami McQueen on Content Marketing for SalesLoft

The last time the Director of Marketing at SalesLoft spoke at our Digital Marketing class, she raised the roof on scaling the SalesLoft content marketing machine. Again this time, Tami did not disappoint. As she prepares for SalesLoft’s annual #RainMaker2016 conference, Tami shared some great startup stories from her own professional life and from her years at SalesLoft.

I almost ran out of room taking notes from Tami’s presentation, but I narrowed the talking points down to these, in no particular order:

  1. Join a startup? Are you kidding me? Tami knew she had to learn to get comfortable in very uncomfortable situations. That was actually part of her personal growth plan. So when she joined the fastest growing SaaS startup, SalesLoft, she learned to “figure it out very quickly!” in a startup.
  2. Tami shifted from branding to working the funnel: when are we converting? At download? After sales demo? Try to find a way to scale a team that’s producing great content and then distributing it. Early on, SalesLoft had tons of great content, but no strategy for distribution.
  3. What to do at Dreamforce? They were tired of pens, cups, stickers, and all the other boring schwag. Hey, let’s impersonate Marc Benioff. Two years later, the tech community is still talking about it.
  4. SalesLoft marketing maintains a 4 pillar strategy for content marketing:
    • Lead with authority – start with something really, really big, and then make lots of little piece of content from that.
    • Posts that last – They track content in Google Analytics during the first 7 days after publish to see what’s working and what’s not.
    • Content that converts – Not being salesy, but really providing resource, value, service to the prospects. Starting the sentence with “you” instead of “we”.
    • No lead left behind – Inbound leads fall through the cracks when you’re in a heavy B2B org because of the heavy outbound focus.
  5. If you’re bored with social media, you’re trying to get more value than you’re creating.
  6. Apply Agile to marketing (death by meeting) on Trello (integrated with Slack) in 1-week sprints. The secret behind going from 1 person to 12 people: assign a point system for different kinds of content. All about staying focused on the quarterly strategic goal and minimizing distractions.
  7. Become a “customer marketing” expert, and people will beat down your door. Marketing focuses so much on “lead to revenue” and the funnel, etc. Once the sale is closed, marketing is no longer touches the customer. Why?!? Influitive has gamified customer marketing to your biggest advocates. Keeping your loyal customers engaged, championing them.

Thank you, Tami, for once again blazing a great path for all marketers to follow. If you question how SalesLoft grew so fast and became the authority on sales development, Tami can explain it in intimate detail because she’s lived it.


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