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I’ve worked in the technology sector since day one out of B-School, from medical software to telecom to WiFi and now marketing technology. Even so, I can recall times during my years at CWNP that I was overwhelmed – and many times just plain stumped – by the technology that became necessary to run the business.

According to Comcast Business, about 2/3 of business owners feel overwhelmed when it comes to technology. That’s the case with most small business owners, especially when you consider that most small businesses are not tech businesses, but they have to utilize technology in order to remain competitive. However, incorporating technology into your small business is crucial in today’s environment.

Today, I do all of my work at ATV, General Assembly, ATDC, or at home, so constant connectivity is no longer an issue for me; however, the folks who run those organizations where I co-work have to make sure their internet pipe is rock solid. I recall one morning at ATV when there was a brief power outage, which meant an internet outage. The atmosphere at ATV during that hour or so was crazy! What?!? No WiFi??

And that was caused by a power outage, so everyone (providers) had to get their stuff back up and running. If that were you, who would you call? Turns out, Comcast Business has something like 1,900 specially trained Business Service Representatives who are ready to answer any call within about 30 seconds. If your internet were to go down, Comcast Business promises that they won’t stop working until it’s fixed.

There’s a lot of tech out there that can make the small business owner’s head spin, but getting your small business connected to the internet – quickly and reliably – is not one of them. Thankfully, Comcast Business helps entrepreneurs and their businesses stay connected.

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