How do you combine multiple video streams from your event?

The title of this post is a hint at the rest of the story below. Imagine attending or organizing an event (kids athletic event, performance, conference, party, reception, speech, etc.) that is not "professionally" captured on video. However, there are several individuals capturing the event on various video devices from … Keep reading >>>

Problem: Annual corporate phishing training is worthless

Big corporations have big corporation email security policies. Especially in the financial sector, email phishing is big business for hackers. Why? Because it works! Why does it still work, even though email has been around for a quarter century? Because most big corporations require their non-IT employees to attend a … Keep reading >>>

Hey, Siri, Google, Alexa? Can you run my custom app with my voice?

Siri, Google, and Alexa have given us voice control over thousands of "skills" and devices from our mobile phones and from the various voice input devices that each of these companies provides. But can you "Siri" or "Hey Google" everything on your phone? What about everything on your computer? Not … Keep reading >>>