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This morning I had the pleasure of teaching Pitch Practice to the Endevvr summer cohort of 22 high school students from all around the country.  Endevvr is a five-week summer incubator for high-school students held (this summer) at Georgia Tech. In five weeks, Endevvr takes students from “asking the right questions” to MVP creation, culminating with a demo day at which the students will pitch their companies to Atlanta investors.  The demo day will be held at Opportunity Hub at 200 Peachtree Street downtown on July 25 from 1pm – 4pm.

This session was 2 hours of laughter and learning. I can’t say enough about the excitement these kids showed for learning the process and science behind creating a business from nothing.  You can read their words on the Endevvr blog.  These kids are sharp and very impressive.

During this session, we went into great depth in discussing the elements of the 30-second pitch, which are:

  1. Name
  2. Company Name
  3. Problem
  4. Customer (who pays you $)
  5. Solution
  6. Ask

Then we spent the second hour working through how to build on your 30-second pitch to create a solid 3-minute pitch. Guidelines for your 3-minute pitch include:

  1. No more than 5 slides
  2. No text. If you must have text, at least 50 point type
  3. Tell a compelling story to personalize the problem you’re solving
  4. Introduce your business model
  5. Demonstrate a solid understanding of your TAM
  6. The presentation is the cake, you are the icing

These 22 budding entrepreneurs have 48 hours to practice their pitches. On Wednesday morning, I’ll be sitting down instead of teaching, and each of these 22 students will deliver a 30-second pitch to the entire class.  It’s gonna be fun!

If you are able, I highly recommend that you get involved with Endevvr. They put on a first class program with energy and results.


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