Have You Met The Giving Kitchen?


In city blowing up with the best restaurants and eateries – from cafes to coffee shops to charcuteries – Atlanta is #blessed with good food.

From downtown Roswell, to Buckhead, to Ponce City Market and timeless Decatur, there are few spots in the city where you can’t get something uniquely delicious to enjoy.

But did you know that the people who run our favorite restaurants aren’t afforded some of the most common luxuries we’re accustomed to: time off from work, dependable healthcare, and money for emergency expenses?

That’s where Atlanta non-profit The Giving Kitchen (TGK) steps in.

TGK provides crisis grants to restaurant workers facing unanticipated hardship who work in the 30-county metro Atlanta area.

There are many situations where a TGK grant can help a struggling restaurant worker through a tough time.

If you work at a restaurant and a family member passes away suddenly, typically it would be an ordeal to get off work and find the money to quickly get home for the funeral. Now, you can apply for a grant through TGK and receive help to pay for your travels and funeral expenses.

Need surgery and can’t work for a while? TGK can help pay your living expenses.

And if the restaurant you work for raises money for you, TGK will match those funds through their matching grant program.

The peace of mind TGK brings to unanticipated situations was born from a heartbreaking experience. In December 2012, Atlanta chef Ryan Hidinger – well-known in the industry from his time with Muss & Turner’s and Bacchanalia – was diagnosed with late-stage cancer.

In an overwhelming response, the restaurant industry poured out financial resources and encouragement to the Hidinger family.

TGK was formed as a way to do for others what the community came together to do for Ryan and Jen Hidinger. It is a crisis grant program for anyone working in the Atlanta restaurant community.

To date, TGK has awarded grants to over 200 individuals, totaling over $400,000 to restaurant workers facing unanticipated hardship all over Atlanta.

The good work TGK has done so far wouldn’t be possible without the support of volunteers and supporting restaurants. It’s easy to get involved if you’re interested in giving of your time, talents or finances to TGK. Just visit thegivingkitchen.org/want-to-help to see how you can help bring hope to the restaurant community we all know and love.

What do you think about that?

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