The Village People

Thought that title might get some attention, and it’s somewhat accurate. I’m talking about the people at the Atlanta Tech Village, who continues to try and remove “ATV” from the vernacular of its constituency and insert “The Village” or “Tech Village” and “Villagers” instead. So, since we’re “people at ‘The Village'”, it follows that we are, ahem, “Village People“, but I digress.

I like having my formal office – ok, my desk – at “The Village” (ATV is just so much easier to say) for a lot of reasons, but this week, two specific reasons come to mind: fun and professional.  Both of these descriptors are illustrated in the video below, which was produced at The Village at the behest of Karen & Erin by the folks at Friendly Human.

This was the second time I’ve had the pleasure of working with Daniel, George & Co., at Friendly Human. The first was a marketing / demo video for deductmor, which was pivoted into c|d8a in July. It took less than 45 minutes of my time, and gave us a fantastic end result.  That is the essence of a service provider: do something that I cannot do for myself, do it quickly, and do it very, very well for a reasonable price.

This time, the kind folks at The Village, for reasons we’ll never know, chose me as the “Member of the Month”.  Honored and humbled, I accepted the challenge of drinking lots of coffee, answering pretty random questions from Erin & Karen, and seeing what Friendly Human could come up with, given 20 minutes or so of silly, inconsistent, totally off subject material.  We went from Africa to Chipotle to Pitch Practice to Kazakhstan to c|d8a to my collection of Atlanta Tech Village t-shirts in less than 20 minutes and one large cup of Octane Coffee.  We laughed for 20 minutes. That was my part of the work.  Two weeks later, voila! A 2-minute video that makes even my life at ATV (doh!) look fun and exciting.
Want to laugh? Make a video for Atlanta Tech Village.  Want a great video and a great and easy experience making that video? Go see Friendly Human.  The process was fun and the results are as professional as they get.  Well done, folks.

What do you think about that?

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