The Thrill of “new” and the moment of “wow!”

Everybody likes getting or starting something new. There’s real excitement once you make the decision to “get it”, whatever “it” might be. Maybe it’s a new TV, a new phone, pair of shoes, car, home, job, spouse, kids, or…something bigger?? Regardless, we all have different ways of making decisions, but once that decision is made, there is no greater feeling than anticipating and planning for that new thing. And then, there’s the “wow” moments.

A New Job

We’ve all started new jobs, even if that new “job” was working for ourselves. Sometimes, the anticipation comes from not having a job, and then being excited when you finally land that new gig. Other times, you’re leaving one job, and starting the next one the following day. Either way, that commute into the new job is filled with great emotions, excitement, plans, and even a little trepidation. What if you don’t like your new boss? Will your new co-workers be nice? What’s your workspace going to be like? The questions and anticipation are endless.

A New House

My wife and I have bought six houses during our marriage. We’ve also made offers that didn’t go through on quite a few “dream houses”. It’s amazing how much emotional time and energy goes into just thinking about a new place to live. Whether it’s in a new city, or just a completely different kind of house, there’s just so much to be done. Before we had kids, we once moved from a 3700 square foot house in the suburbs of Denver to a 1200 square foot loft in the LODO area of Denver. We sold so much stuff at our garage sale that we took in nearly $5,000! Talk about some planning, anticipation, and unknowns!

A New Family Member

Expecting a baby or planning an adoption both come with so very many things that are new. When we left for Kazakhstan to adopt our two kids, we thought we were bringing home two boys. Doh! Eight weeks later, we brought home a boy and a girl. Ooops! Time to change some scenery. The planning and anticipation of that life change was overwhelming, but we look back on it now as one of our greatest adventures in life. Nothing will replace those 56 days in Kazakhstan, and nothing can erase that first morning after we got home when both kids got out of their new beds and crawled into bed with us.

A New Business

I’ve started 7 businesses since 1999. At the beginning, the only thing you can see is the billions of dollars you’re going to make when you succeed. Well, that, and the endless mountain of things to be done right in front of you. That’s one of the biggest reasons I enjoy it so much: the new and unknown is so exciting. It’s addicting, really, and I hope I never lose that sense of wonder that overcomes me when I start something new.

When does the “wow” happen?

At some point, the newness wears off of everything. You settle into your new job or new house. We work into a routine with a newborn or, in our case, two new adopted toddlers. Your team creates repeatable processes for your business, and becomes more efficient at everything. But somewhere in between “new” and “routine”, there needs to be a “wow”. Your customer needs to say “wow” really early on in the process of doing business with you, whether that’s from your personal service or the usability of your software.

But you also need a “wow” moment. Wow, I really like my new job! Wow, this house is going to be so good for us. Wow…we have two kids! Or, wow, this business is hard or fun or lucrative or tight or…

It’s the “wow” moments that keep us going. How often, in your daily life, do you actually have a “WOW!” moment?


What do you think about that?

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