Every week, Atlanta Tech Blogs promotes hundreds of new blog posts – YOUR blog posts – to our audience of over 14,000 unique, opt-in individuals. Every week we will show you who really made waves with their posts. Since this issue is our very first “Top 10 Report”, we’ll start off by showing off your best stuff from December. Here are the most popular posts from the past month! (TL;DR, subscribe here)

#1 – Springbot’s customer success team has but one goal: Turning customers into fans. Read how they do it here.

#2 – Oh, yeah, and Springbot raised another $10M. Sweet.

#3 – Everyone needs to know where to celebrate the holidays #startup style. StartupATL obliged nicely!
#4 – a great job as an M&A Analyst at Crescerance via Hype’s job board.
#5 – Calendly is hiring a Director of Marketing.
#6 – As usual, the Terminators rocked the #ABM world with another amazing #FlipMyFunnel event!
#7 – Rigor, another ATV company, is hiring a PR Analyst.
#8 – Hypepotamus just brought on a new Managing Editor, Holly Beilin, and now they’re hiring an Editorial Intern. Learn at the best!
#9 – Insightpool says YOU are the next social media influencer. Can you believe it?
#10 – Did you know the coffee you drink – if you’re drinking the good stuff – is creating startups in Rwanda?!? Believe it.

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