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My Top 5 Posts of All Time

According to Blogger, these are the posts that have received more visits and page views than any other post I’ve made since early 2012.

  1. So You Wanna Bootstrap Your Startup? (Feb 28, 2013) – Heck I still like reading this one. I delivered this as a seminar at ATDC, and the reception was so good I decided to do a long, long, long form write up of the whole thing.
  2. Apple Keynote? What Apple Keynote? I’ve got Chromecast! (Sep 10, 2013) – I was working from home and very excited about the Apple announcement (can’t even remember what it was now), but got totally distracted when my Google Chromecast arrived. We had just cut the cord of cable TV, and have never looked back.
  3. Preparing to Launch (May 7, 2013) – Ouch! We were just about to officially launch deductmor. Then I pivoted to c|d8a. Then I shut it down. 🙁  Oh, the lessons we learn…
  4. Atlanta’s Consumer + Design Weekend Accelerator (Apr 22, 2014) – The birth of Tavani’s Switchyards! That was so much fun. Nearly a year ago? Wow.
  5. Pitch Practice 11-22-2013 (Nov 22, 2013) – I still have absolutely no idea why this post is so popular. Seriously. I’ve just re-read it for about the 100th time. Typical Pitch Practice. No idea why.

I still enjoy randomly re-reading an old post once a week or so. If I’m feeling really nostalgic about my family, I’ll go back and peruse some of the posts from our adoption adventure to Kazakhstan, 10 years ago this year.

Think I’ll go hug my kids now.

What do you think about that?

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