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Two Free Digital Marketing eBooks from Atlanta Tech Blogs

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally happy to share that I’ve created two eBooks from learning, doing, and teaching blogging and digital marketing over the past couple of years. The two ebooks are available for free to anyone who subscribes to the Atlanta Tech Blogs Daily Digest via Mailchimp. Here’s a brief description of each of the eBooks.

  • The New Digital Marketer’s Guide to the UniverseThis ebook could also be named “Digital Marketing 101” or “Digital Marketing for Dummies.” In this ebook, you’ll learn the 7 steps of creating an awesome digital marketing machine: branding, measuring, the marketing funnel, content marketing, SEO, digital advertising, and the content marketing calendar. For the new digital marketer, this guide is a must. For the experienced pro, it’s a great reference and training tool for your team. (25 pages)
  • How to start your WordPress blog from scratch in 6 steps – Blogging is the easiest, most powerful way to relate the story of your brand (personal or corporate) to your target audience, yet so many don’t ever blog because they don’t know the most important steps in getting started. Using this guide, you’ll have your new blog up and running in less than half a day, and you won’t need a developer. (19 pages)

I’d love to hear your feedback on one or both of these eBooks. Both were created out of a combination of creating a blog (this one) and a WordPress website, doing dozens of digital marketing experiments, and teaching a bunch of digital, social, and analytics classes at General Assembly last year. I’ve blogged about many of the topics in the eBooks, but there’s some new material that I’ve only taught or experienced without writing about it.

In fact, these eBooks themselves are yet another digital marketing experiment. I look forward to seeing and reporting the results.

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