In the final quarter of 2017, the Pitch Practice community banded together and raised enough money to build a home for a family in El Salvador. Today, we received two updates from New Story about that home and that family: bad news and good news.

Bad News

The initial family New Story assigned to Pitch Practice has dropped out of the housing program. This occasionally happens for various reasons (new job in a different community, moved-in with family, etc.). The most common reason is because of a move. Sometimes that’s driven by a job or other opportunity and other times it’s driven by a sick family member or death in the family. Unfortunately, we don’t have the specific reason for our family right now, though that information could come in the coming weeks.

Good News

We’ve already been paired with a new family and they already moved in! Assigning a new family is pretty easy in this scenario.  New Story is getting ready to break ground on an an expansion for this community in El Salvador, so there are another 100 families in the queue who are in survival mode and will be getting a home sometime in the next year. This change just allowed that timeline to be much quicker than expected for the Contreras Martinez Family.

Meet the Contreras Martinez Family

Jakelin and Mario live in Ahuachapan, El Salvador with their two young children. Both parents work hard to provide for their new, young family.

The floors of their old shelter are a mix of dirt and scrap wood. Metal sheets line the top of the house to provide cover. When it rained it was bad news for their shelter. Holes in the roof allowed the water to flood the house and drenched the family. The dirt floors then became mud and life quickly became more complicated.

The Contreras Martinez family dreamt of a safe home with clean water, where their two children could develop and grow in healthy conditions. Thanks to you, they have a permanent home.

Stay tuned for video of the Contreras Martinez family moving into their new home!

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