Depression among people of all ages is becoming more and more common and problematic. That fact alone is problem enough; however, there is another problem that makes the first issue even worse. Half of people who are suffering from depression do not get any treatment at all. Uplift wants to change that. Eddie, the CEO of Uplift, recently brought his elevator pitch to Pitch Practice.

Depression: The First Step is Admitting It

Why don’t 50% of people who are depressed get any treatment at all? There are several versions of what I think are the same answer. People…

      • May not know it
      • Don’t want to admit it
      • Have no idea how or where to get treatment
      • Might not be able afford to pay for treatment

Going to a psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist is scary; however, from experience, I can gladly tell you that just talking is a huge first step. We as humans are created to connect and relate to others, and many times we feel like we are burdening others with our junk when we lay it all out there.

Who Do You Talk To?

That’s the first question after the first step. It is difficult to find someone – anyone – to talk to about whether or not you are depressed. Who do you call? Who do you ask who to call? Do you just Google it? “Psychiatrists near me”?

I don’t think so. Perhaps is the best place to start. At the very least, Uplift is a place to start. Using Cognitive Therapy, the service claims to deliver a “50% increase in mood that lasts.”

How Does Uplift Treat Depression?

That’s the usual “next meeting” conversation after a successful elevator pitch, which I think Eddie’s was. What we learn from our virtual next meeting is that Uplift seems to work much like meeting a therapist. You answer some questions, do some mental exercises, and begin keeping track of the important things in your daily life.

Why Might Uplift Work?

One of the biggest, hardest questions in anyone’s mind when they go to any doctor, much less a psychiatrist, for the first time is, will this work? Will it help? Well, the simple answer is, you don’t know until you try it. The team at Uplift looks very strong, especially Eddie, who boasts degrees in Psychology and Neuroscience from Duke University. Eddie is also the creator of the MoodTools app for depression, which has reached over 1,000,000 people and won Mental Health America’s “mPower” award.

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    Nice article, nice info for who is suffering from depression.

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