Event planners are some of the very busiest and most resourceful people on earth. Weddings, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, parties, conferences and other such events are so much fun for us to attend, but an amazing amount of work goes on behind the scenes. A huge piece of that work is finding all the right vendors and suppliers for every piece of the party. How do you find just the right supplier for that very particular client? Events are stressful enough. Not being able to find the right vendor can really add to that stress.

Discovery is Hard

Google search is a big deal because people need to find stuff. For event planners and vendors, finding very specific stuff in your area, in your budget, and in time for your affair makes the task even harder. Whether it’s food, beverage, decorations, music, transportation, service personnel, entertainment, or anything else that goes into a special event, somebody has to find it, order it, and make sure it gets delivered on time, on budget, to the right place.

Tinder for Event Planners

VendorSpace is an open marketplace for event planners and suppliers to find each other. Planners get immediate access to providers in their area regardless of location, budget, or deadline. Suppliers get in front of planners, their target audience. Both sides pay a monthly fee to have access to the service for all their events.

Founder Ify Ifebi calls her startup “Tinder for Event Planners”. That’s the goal: make it incredibly simple to find and choose just the right vendor for every different occasion. Thanks for coming to Pitch Practice and sharing your vision Ify!

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