Verieaux Content Marketing Services

Verieaux” comes from the latin words for “truth” and “water”, meaning “a constant flow of truth”. That’s what your content marketing should be: a constant flow of value to your customers and your future customers. You must tell your story. Constantly. That’s what we do.

  • WordPress – Nearly 25% of the world’s websites are run on WordPress, because your website belongs in the hands of marketers, not IT. Now you have the power to make changes to your message and visuals anytime all the time. We build and manage your WordPress website.
  • Blog Content – When future customers want to get to know your brand, they read your blog. There’s a reason Google publishes 60+ blogs in 40+ languages! Your blog is the easiest way to educate your prospects and empower your sales team. We engage you 1:1 to bring your story to life on your blog.
  • Social Media – Your audience is on social media. That’s where you can engage them person-to-person and build relationships and brand equity. But what do you share on social media? Content. Non-stop branded content. That can be a full time job! We’ll make sure the right social channels are engaging your future customers.
  • Email Newsletter – No, email is not dead. People still read from their inbox, but only if the content gives them specific value. What do you want your customers and future customers to know in order to make them better customers? It’s up to you to teach them.
  • Podcast / Video – Your audience wants to see and hear YOU so they can relate to your brand. Video marketing and customer education through podcasting is incredibly powerful, yet most brands don’t engage in video or podcasting because they don’t know what to produce. You’re not alone, but we can help you create a powerful video or audio presence.

Everything that your customers and prospects consume about you is content. We create content from your brand not only in writing, but also in audio and video.

What content do you need? Contact us.