Problem: real estate agents are too busy to effectively grow their businesses

Do you know any real estate agents who aren’t really busy these days? The residential real estate market, especially here in Atlanta, is off the charts hot right now. As an anecdotal example, my wife and I have put five offers on homes in the last year, and we have nothing to show for it! There’s so much competition for each home for sale that if you don’t offer full price within a few hours of the home going on the market, you’re out of luck. That’s a good problem for sellers. Realtors in any market must be focused on their individual clients, buyers and sellers. What realtors do not have any time to do is market themselves and grow their business. Village Realty is applying marketing automation and “community” to the residential real estate market.

Why are agents too busy?

Every residential real estate agent owns their own business. Their business is themselves, and, for the most part, they have to do it all. Everything. The main focus is, and should be, on their individual clients, whether they are buyers or sellers. That alone takes a lot of time (trust me, I’m one of “those” clients), but agents still have to respond to listing inquiries and potential buyers. In addition to buyers and sellers, it’s the agent’s job to coordinate all the services that have to be completed prior to the sale of any property.

So when does a realtor focus on growing their business? A popular, though likely over used, method is Facebook ads, which generate potential leads. Should an agent individually respond via phone or email to every single inquiry?

What is “marketing automation” for real estate agents?

Marketing automation was born in the B2B space to nurture inquiries into leads, and leads into sales qualified leads, automatically. The process looks and feels natural to the buyer, but the marketer (in this case, an individual agent) doesn’t have to respond to every inquiry. Once an inquiry becomes a qualified lead, then the agent steps up and arranges a meeting or phone call. The realtor’s workload for marketing and response to inquiries just went down in a big way, but yet became more effective.

What is “community”, and why do realtors need it?

Owning your own business can be lonely. A real estate agent owns their own business. They are rarely “in the office” because they are (or should be) out showing and listing properties. So how does an agent learn tips and tricks, best practices, new tools, and otherwise keep their skills, knowledge, and network up to speed? That’s where community comes in. Village Realty is applying the same “community” that enables other businesses to thrive and attract great employees to the residential real estate space.

What that looks like is a regular cadence of team interactions that aren’t “meetings”. “meetings” are soul-killers. Real estate agents don’t have time or energy to have their souls sucked out of them. Instead, regular interactions with like-minded team members can lubricate the interactions between team members. They also build trust among team members, and create an environment in which agents don’t feel like an island out there all alone.


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  1. Your right, real estate agents get so busy nowadays that they barely have time to manage their own clients. This results in clients not getting the personal attention that they deserve and results being slower. Sometimes it is worth paying extra for a good agent with less clients than a cheap agent trying to juggle everyone.

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