What did you expect?!?

You could apply the title of this post to just about anything in life, especially relationships, both personal and professional. It is my experience that the vast majority of all disagreements and strife in any relationship come from unmet expectations.

That said, I’m not getting that deep here again for a while, and I’m not in strife or disagreement…with Apple. But I did expect more from their recent media event on September 10, in which they debuted iOS7 on 2 new iPhone devices.  Those are cool, and I will speculate that they had to wait until well after Steve Jobs passed away before they could introduce a plastic iPhone. Sacre Bleu!

So what did I expect? Thanks for asking.  I expected….

  1. iWatch – well, do you blame me? I’m a simple guy. I don’t wear jewelry. I wear my wedding band and an LL Bean field watch. So why would I want an Apple iWatch?  Because it could be so frickin’ cool, that’s why.  I’m no Steve Jobs and no Jony Ive, but here’s what I’d put in an iWatch:
  • A phone. Duh. Why not? Don’t tell me there’s not enough room. That’s rubbish. A wrist-worn phone with a small, sleak bluetooth earpiece. You can’t tell me that’s not cool. Is it a 3″x5″ computer? No. It’s a phone that you’ll never lose, because it’s on your wrist, nor do you have to dig it out of your pocket; nor can anyone steal it out of your car or bag. Don’t like the bluetooth look? It’s got a sweet speakerphone.
  • A watch. Duh. I shouldn’t have to describe this one.
  • Message screen for all your messages & alerts: text, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Siri. Well, you can’t type on this thing, but you can certainly tell Siri what to do.
  • Music. Another “duh!” Something tells me you could get 5GB of music storage here. That’s PLENTY for most folks to store their favorites, and guess what? No more finding a place to stick your iPhone while you’re running.
  • Bluetooth connection to your iPhone or Android device. Whatever happens on your phone, you see it on your iWatch.
  • AppleTV – Maybe AppleTV is just already all that, but the day of the Apple media event, my Google Chromecast arrived in the mail. Before the Apple media event started, I was already watching Mad Men Season 1 Episode 1 from Netflix. I’m not an HDTV connoisseur, so my HDTV is just plain, but now it’s just plain bitchin’. If it’s in my Chrome browser on my PC or iPhone, it can be on my HDTV screen. Just watched the first 3 episodes of Downton Abbey with my wife last night.  If it’s on Netflix or YouTube, it’s on my HDTV screen. I could go on and on and on about my new Chromecast, which is only slightly larger than a flash drive, but I said I expected something from Apple on the AppleTV. I still do. So I’m waiting. I got nothing.  What the heck have you been doing over there in Cupertino, Mr. Cook? Oh, right, iPhone5CSI.
  • iPhone 6 – Which leads me to my next point…iPhone5C/S? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Apple? Oooh, plastic. Oooh, cases with holes in them! Oooh…wut?  When Apple doesn’t rev the version number of the phone, that’s code for “just some cosmetic changes.”  Consider me underwhelmed by the new iPhones. I have a 4S, and I’m perfectly happy with it.  Before that, I had an Android (Samsung Captivate POS model), and the entire time I owned it, I repeated over and over very often “I sure wish I could do ____________ with my Android phone, but I can’t.”  I don’t ever say that with my iPhone 4S, which is a compliment to Apple. So maybe there’s just no satisfying me – or anyone else, least of all Wall Street analysts – with any new iPhone, but put me in the “meh” crowd for my reaction to plastic and gold iPhones.
  • What did you expect from Apple? What would you do if you were Jony Ive for a day?

    What do you think about that?

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