So, uh, what is it that we do here?

Devin and I each put up $250 to incorporate Devcomm Inc. We signed official corporate papers and all that fun stuff to create our Georgia S-Corp.  We still had no idea what we were going to actually do, but we knew it had something to do with “wireless networking”, a term that I had come to understand did not mean ‘wireless Ethernet’, contrary to popular belief.  Again, remember, this was now 1999.  A certain “alliance” had not yet been renamed.

Here is the list of “business ideas” we tried, all of which are of questionable opportunity:

  1. WLAN newsletter
  2. WLAN testing service
  3. WLAN online retailer
  4. WLAN reseller/integrator
  5. WLAN certifications

I think there were actually others, but obviously they didn’t fly.

Lesson #2: Don’t just “go into business” just for the purpose of going into business until you have a business to go in to. We didn’t, and from May 1999 until the fall of 2001, we guessed and shot in the dark.

We really did create and try each of these, ahem, businesses.  We got a decent start on #3 and sold it for Devin’s salary in 2001, while we were creating #5.  WirelessCentral.Net is no longer what it once was. Surprise.

What do you think about that?

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