What is Tech Square Labs, really?

Finally met Allen Nance today. That’s 30 minutes I’ll not soon forget, part of which was a solid discussion on Allen’s new adventure with Paul Judge, Tech Square Labs.  Allen is positive that most of the Atlanta startup space really doesn’t know what the hell this thing is all about.  I think he’s right.  Allen helped me a lot in those 30 minutes, so when I asked what I could do to help him, his answer was that I could help proliferate the real definition of Tech Square Labs.  Here goes.

TSL is Allen & Paul.  Allen & Paul are actively looking for new, cutting edge technologies and technologists to create new market spaces.  Allen & Paul are going to take a very active early role with money, knowledge, connections, and vision. Allen & Paul are going to take on projects that are going to be industry-changers.  Allen & Paul will be deep in the details of the company until they push it through to a solid Series A round, and then start to back off, maybe around 12-18 months, depending on the space.

TSL has only been around since the end of March, but two companies have already gone through the exact same model: Springbot and Pindrop.  They didn’t go through the TSL process, per se, but that’s the model.  That’s what TSL is: Allen & Paul finding something that can change or create a space, and backing it with everything they have to offer.

TSL is not everything else you’ve thought it to be or everything else that’s being created in Atlanta.

Does that help?

What do you think about that?