Word Play at the HIVE Gathering

This portion of the HIVE gathering last night was great, not only because I got to judge and pick the winner, but also because it demonstrated the grand importance of being able to answer the simple, common question, “What does your company do?”  That is why I run Pitch Practice. However, after what I saw last night, I may have to change the way Pitch Practice is run to get the best results!  Here’s what went down.

On the HIVE gathering event schedule, this segment is called “Word Play”.  That’s accurate, but not nearly the full story.  As I mentioned in my recap of the HIVE gathering, we all sat at tables pretty randomly. Those tables became product creative teams during the 20 minute segment they called Word Play.  The task? Create a product/service offering based on one of three nonsensical words.

That’s right: Fundeedo, Flyby, and Ferrris (with three Rs).  Each team had 15 minutes to create a fake (or maybe not) business and then give a 30-second pitch to explain exactly what that business does.  Here are the rather incredible results. Twelve 30-second pitches created in less than 20 minutes, and only 2 of them exceeded the rather well enforced 30-second time limit.  Amazing.

  1. Flyby Drones deliver candy, schwag, or party favors to your local event.
  2. Fundeetos: when Doritos and Cheetos meet, they create a light, fluffy, fun treat!
  3. Marty McFlyby transcends time with the Time Travel Hoverboard.
  4. Fundeedo: a social app to meet the needs of people all around you: Create Fun, Share, and do a good deed when you find someone in need near you.
  5. The Flyby Bib, for national Top Gun day, so you don’t spill your coffee when an F-14 does an unauthorized flyby and the pattern is full.
  6. Ferrris let’s you take a day off when you hate your job to do someone else’s job, find your passion, and discover what you are called to do.
  7. Fundeedo: the Help Mob for Good to mob people in need with help from the community.
  8. Flyby: the social app to turn your layover into a “playover” by connecting you with other people on layover in the airport.
  9. Fundeedo – Fund. Eat. Do. A monthly membership club to local restaurants, cooking classes, and dinner clubs, 30% of proceeds go to local produce farming.
  10. Ferrris: The social app for collaboration & competition to remotely responding to needs of your community.
  11. Flyby the seat of your pants, but make them Big Boy or Big Girl pants by making your Flyby a life-changing adventure!
  12. Ferrris: Fully Energizing Really Really Really Introverted People. Reinvent yourself.

The winner for the best pitch was Table #12.  They got a prize. W00t!  Maybe that’s how we get the very best results from Pitch Practice?  What do you think?

Now, here’s the really encouraging part: you can pitch!  Anyone can do this. Anyone can learn to pitch their business in 30 seconds or less. If 12 tables of randomly assembled people can make up a bunch of nonsensical businesses and then pitch them to the rest of the randomly assembled crowd in 20 minutes, you can take months to hone your pitch and get it to flow off your tongue like your own name.  Practice your pitch.  You can do it.

What do you think about that?

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