Would you LISTEN to a blog post?

Podcasts continue to gain popularity. I haven’t done any deep serious research as to why exactly that is, but I have some educated guesses, based on my life experiences:

  • We have longer commutes than ever, so we might as well learn while we drive.
  • Everyone (who has a smart phone) has access to hundreds of thousands of podcasts.
  • Garbage in; garbage out. Knowledge in; wisdom out.

I’m sure there are other, more scientific reasons, but these are my best 3 guesses as to why more and more people are listening to recorded talks about subjects they find interesting. But how far can listening to non-musical content go, aside from Audible books? We listen to speeches, sermons, interviews, lectures…will we listen to blogs?

That’s the question that’s been going through my mind since having coffee with Peter Stacho, founder of SpeakPage, a great new startup here in Atlanta whose goal is to “narrate the web“. They’ve created a very simple method of publishing audio recordings and enabling the publishers to index, edit, and annotate them so users can very easily navigate to a certain spot in the recording, much like sections and chapters of a book.

When Peter was giving me a brief demo, the first analogy that came to my mind was watching a sports highlight video on YouTube, which points you to the highlights with simple markers, so you can easily see the most exciting parts, or watch the entire event. Now you can do the same thing with audio content.

And SpeakPage is making it super-easy to publish your audio content. So, my question to you is this: would you listen to a blog post? To participate in our non-scientific study, please choose below. After a while, we’ll publish the results and see where our preferences are.



What do you think about that?

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