Why does Pitch Practice exist? To help you, and anyone else in Atlanta at 1pm on Friday afternoons, practice their pitch for whatever idea or startup they are working on or thinking about or incubating. One of the biggest “objections” (put in quotes because it usually comes across as a look-down-my-nose derogatory comment) I’ve heard is this: “But you’re never going to say that in real life!”

It’s true. You never will. Here are some other things you will never, ever do.

  • You’ll never juggle a soccer ball on your feet, thighs, shoulders, and head 100 times in a real game.
  • You’ll never hit a 7-iron 50 straight times from the same spot aiming at the same target in a real golf match.
  • You’ll never take 25 three-pointers from the same spot on the floor with no defense in a real basketball game.
  • You’ll never hit a tackling dummy in a real football game. OK, that one’s debatable.
  • You’ll never hit 100 straight serves in a tennis match.
  • You’ll never juggle a baseball on the bat in a real game.
  • You’ll never spin a basketball on your finger in a real game.
  • You’ll never deliver a 5-minute investor deck without interruptions, questions, or comments.

Practice makes perfect, but more importantly, practice breeds confidence. The more you do something – anything – the better you get at doing that thing. So, no, you will never shake hands with a complete stranger and then proceed through a canned, rehearsed elevator pitch. You will, however, give an answer to “so, what do you do?” or “what’s your startup do?”

Are you ready to give that answer? Have you practiced saying the words in front of real people who are not afraid to hurt your feelings and give you real, objective feedback? That’s what we do at Pitch Practice every week, and that’s where you can come to practice the words you’re going to deliver when someone asks you, “So, what do you do?”

So, next time you’re swinging away with that 7-iron, consider how much confidence that practice gives you on the course and apply that same strategy to how you articulate what you do.

Also, we’re bringing this same practice and learning to the airwaves with the Pitch Practice Podcast. We need your help to launch to #1 on iTunes “New & Noteworthy.” Click here to join the launch team.

What do you think about that?

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