Mark Cuban to Twitter: "Verify!"

Social Media: Your Time is Gonna Come (to Verify)

Mark Cuban proposed (ok, demanded) on Twitter that both Twitter and Facebook should verify every single user of their social platforms. I agree wholeheartedly with Cuban for one single clarifying reason, but how do we get there? What will have to happen when they pull the trigger on 100% verification? … Keep reading >>>

How to Breathe Life into Your Blog Posts

The unfortunate methodology (habit) of many people who blog is to write a blog post and then immediately share it on their social media channels. Now’s when you say, “Uh, ok, so what’s wrong with that?” It’s not wrong. It’s just not complete. The goal of your blog posts – … Keep reading >>>

Outsourcing your social media management

In a recent discussion with several individuals who actively manage their own and their clients’ social media presences, the topic of outsourcing social media engagement came up. We were discussing the marketing / content calendar, and how we go about scheduling social posts on various channels, and the conversation came … Keep reading >>>

Engagement is not an option

In the Advanced Social Media Strategies class at GA today, we covered the topic of social media engagement ad nauseum. It’s a big topic, mainly because the word “engagement” can mean just about anything you want it to mean. First, we discussed what “engagement” means, and then we talked about … Keep reading >>>